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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find UC Davis Extension registration and course requirements?
You can find the information on the Continuing Education Credits page.

What trainings offer UC Davis Extension credits for fully attended participants?

What is an "approved" Institute?

An institute that is hosted by the Sacramento County Office of Education for Common Core State Standards and English Language Development, Title I, or After School English Language Arts Institute.

An institute that is hosted by Sacramento County Office of Education and UC Davis School of Education for STEM.

Are there required readings or essays outside of the institute?
No. Completion of one of the approved trainings fulfills the requirements of the UC Davis Extension course.

When can I register?
Registration opens after the COE Deliverer processes attendance records from your institute (approximately two weeks after institute completion).

How long do I have to register?
Registration is available for 90 days from the conclusion of the institute.

What is the cost?

This fee is non-refundable once your UC Davis Extension registration is complete.

How do I pay for the course?
By credit card when you enroll in a UC Davis Extension course.

Can I register for UC Davis Extension credits using prior workshops?
No, UC Davis Extension courses are not retroactive.

How do I register online for UC Davis Extension credits?
Log-in to your CAM account at On the start page, click on "Enroll in UC Davis Extension Courses" under the Continuing Education heading and follow the registration steps.

What credit cards does UC Davis Extension accept?
UC Davis Extension accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

How will I know I have successfully registered online?
You will receive an online confirmation following your registration.

How will I know when I pass the UC Davis Extension course?
Your transcript is the official notice of your course completion. At the time of registration, be sure to order the transcript. It will be sent to your registered address once your course grade is posted.

How long will it take to receive my official transcript?
If you ordered a transcript at the time of UC Davis registration, allow 8-12 weeks to receive your transcript.

I didn't order a transcript when I registered. Can I still order one?
Yes, go to UC Davis Extension. Then select "Student Services" in the toolbar. Continue by selecting the link "Transcripts." Download a transcript form, and follow the online instructions for fee/mailing procedures.

What grade will I receive?
You will receive a pass/no pass grade.

What if I have trouble registering for UC Davis Extension credits?
Be sure you have successfully signed in to your account at Your institute attendance must be listed as fully attended, under "View attendance records and print certificates." If you are still having trouble, email

I don’t know my username/password to access my Client Account Manager (CAM) account. What do I do?
Use the prompts to find either your username or password. If you know neither, email for assistance. In your email, please provide your name as it appears on your account and your school district/client information, as well as your return email address.

The FAQs did not answer my questions. What next?
For questions regarding UC Davis Extension fees and transcripts, call (530) 757-8563. For all other questions regarding continuing education, contact